Colin A. Borden

Colin Borden wanderlust takes him to stunningly beautiful places, where he delights in discovering new cultures and cuisines. With a passion for storytelling and a vivid imagination, Colin captures his experiences through heartfelt words that bring his adventures to life.
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What’s the worst time to visit Australia?

Visiting Australia at the wrong time can be an unpleasant experience. During

By Colin A. Borden 9 Min Read

What’s the worst time to visit Cairns?

Cairns, Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations for its

By Colin A. Borden 5 Min Read

14 Best Breweries 🍻 in Duluth, Minnesota (Discovering the Suds)

When it comes to beer, Duluth, Minnesota has no shortage of options.

By Colin A. Borden 29 Min Read

How expensive is a trip to Turkey?

Taking a trip to Turkey can be an amazing experience, one that

By Colin A. Borden 6 Min Read

What’s the worst time to visit Goa?

From the hectic tourist crowds and boiling heat of the summer to

By Colin A. Borden 10 Min Read

The cheapest time to visit Colorado [Tips for saving money]

Have you ever dreamed of a trip to the Rocky Mountains? Did

By Colin A. Borden 12 Min Read
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