Devon Weetly

Devon Weetly is a passionate and adventurous traveller from Toronto with a knack for storytelling. He has embarked on countless journeys seeking new experiences, cultures, and landscapes to explore. His travels have not only been enriching, but also have inspired his writing career. As an aspiring writer with experience in creative fiction and travel journalism, he continues to find new avenues to express himself through his words and discover the hidden beauty of this world we live in.
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📅The Best Time To Visit Georgia? (Best Things + Places to Stay)

Georgia is a truly mesmerizing destination with its stunning beaches, majestic mountains

By Devon Weetly 25 Min Read

The best time to visit Langkawi [Best Things to do]

Are you dreaming of a tropical getaway full of stunning beaches, rolling

By Devon Weetly 13 Min Read

🗓️The Worst Time To Visit Istanbul (Unforgiving Season)

Nestled between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a city that boasts a

By Devon Weetly 9 Min Read

The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbia, South Carolina: Savoring Southern Flavors

For the foodies out there looking for some of the best restaurants

By Devon Weetly 26 Min Read

9 Places Like Chuck E. Cheese (Fun-Filled Entertainment Centers)

Looking for a fun-filled family outing but want to explore beyond the

By Devon Weetly 20 Min Read

What is the worst time to visit Amsterdam?

While Amsterdam is a beautiful city worth visiting at any time of

By Devon Weetly 10 Min Read
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