21 Best Places To Visit In January: Top Destinations in 2023

As you start to plan for the new year, one of the best ways to kick off 2023 is by going on a trip.

Not only will taking some time off give you something to look forward to, but it can also help alleviate stress and freshen up your mindset.

With January being perhaps the best month for traveling, I’ve rounded up incredible destinations that are perfect for this time of year.

From tropical islands and lush jungles to hot springs and vibrant cities, there’s something out there for everyone.

So get ready to book your plane ticket it’s time for an adventure.

21 Best Places To Visit In January

Here are 21 amazing places to visit in January that will make your winter unforgettable. January is the perfect time to travel and discover new cultures around the world. Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

Lapland, Finland

First on the list, If you’re looking for a unique winter vacation destination, look no further than Reykjavik, Iceland.

This charming capital city offers a magical winter wonderland, complete with snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear glaciers, and natural hot springs.

January is the perfect time to visit, as you can experience the breathtaking northern lights, plus there’s plenty to see and do during the day.

Take a dip in the world-famous Blue Lagoon or explore the stunning Golden Circle. Reykjavik’s vibrant nightlife scene is also a must-see, with cozy bars and trendy clubs dotting the city center.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Reykjavik is the perfect winter escape.

Tromsø, Norway

For those seeking to explore Norway’s winter beauty, Tromsø is a must-visit destination in January.

Located above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø boasts awe-inspiring landscapes that will leave you breathless.

Known as the “Gateway to the Arctic,” Tromsø is a prime location to witness the stunning Northern Lights that dance across the sky.

Not only is this city a hub for aurora seekers, but it’s also home to charming neighborhoods, delicious cuisine, and exciting outdoor activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling.

Don’t miss out on Tromsø’s unique culture, beautiful scenery, and thrilling adventures this January.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, is bustling with life even in the month of January, making it one of the best places to visit during this time of year.

The city transforms into a winter wonderland with stunning scenery, festive lights, and a plethora of activities to enjoy.

Visitors can explore the historic and iconic Edinburgh Castle, marvel at the beauty of the Royal Botanic Garden, or wander through the charming streets of the Old Town.

The city also hosts various cultural events, including the Burns Night Celebration and the Edinburgh Art Fair, providing opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in Scottish culture.

With its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere, Edinburgh is the perfect destination for those seeking a memorable winter vacation.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Looking for a winter wonderland destination where you can experience stunning landscapes, outdoor adventures, and unique cultural experiences? Look no further than Reykjavik, Iceland.

January is the perfect time to visit this capital city, as the winter season brings snowy scenery and the chance to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Take a dip in the famous geothermal Blue Lagoon, go on a whale watching excursion, or explore the charming downtown area with its stylish boutiques and cozy cafes.

Don’t miss the chance to try traditional Icelandic dishes like fermented shark or hot dogs served with crispy onions and mustard.

Reykjavik is truly a bucket-list destination for anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan is one of the best places to visit in January due to its unique blend of rich culture and modernity.

The bustling city is a winter wonderland during this time of year, with charming festive decorations and snowy landscapes that make it a sight to behold.

The ancient temples and shrines in Tokyo are adorned with beautiful lights, providing a magical atmosphere for visitors to explore.

There are plenty of world-class museums, delicious food, and vibrant nightlife to experience in Tokyo.

January is also a great time to catch a Sumo wrestling match or witness the traditional New Year’s celebrations. Tokyo truly has something for everyone and is a perfect winter destination.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, located in Cambodia, is a town filled with history and stunning architecture. It is known for its temples, exquisite food, and vibrant culture.

January is the perfect time to visit this magical destination, as temperatures are comfortable and the mild breeze provides a refreshing atmosphere.

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The majestic Angkor Wat temple should be on top of your list, but don’t miss out on exploring other fascinating temples like Bayon, Ta Prohm, and Banteay Srei as well.

Apart from the temples, you could also go for a cruise on Tonle Sap Lake, taste the local street food, or visit the Angkor Night Market for some souvenir shopping. Siem Reap offers an unforgettable experience that is perfect for a January getaway.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco is a mesmerizing destination to visit in January. The bustling city is filled with vibrant souks, colorful gardens, and magnificent architecture that transports you to a different era.

It’s the perfect place for history enthusiasts, food connoisseurs, and culture seekers. Walking through the streets of Marrakech, you can see the stunning snow-capped Atlas Mountains that provide a perfect backdrop to the mystical city.

The mild temperature in January makes it ideal for exploring the old Medina and Jardin Majorelle, the famous botanical garden. Marrakech has plenty of traditional hammams where you can relax after a busy day and enjoy a spa treatment.

This January, experience the exotic fusion of cultures in Marrakech, Morocco – a vibrant and sensational destination.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa is a must-visit destination for anyone planning a trip in January.

With its stunning natural beauty and vibrant cultural scene, Cape Town offers something for everyone. Take a cable car to the top of Table Mountain and enjoy the sweeping views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore the historic Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. Or simply relax on one of the city’s idyllic beaches, such as Clifton or Camps Bay.

January is also a great time to experience Cape Town’s buzzing nightlife and delicious cuisine, whether it’s at a local pub or a trendy rooftop bar.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is easily one of the best places to visit in January for its warm weather and plethora of activities.

The city offers a variety of options for tourists, from soaking up the sun on its many beaches such as Bondi and Manly, to exploring its iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The city’s diverse neighborhoods offer options for foodies and fashion enthusiasts, while its museums and galleries provide a glimpse into the art and culture scene of Australia.

Whether it’s catching a cricket match or visiting the famous Taronga Zoo, there’s something for everyone in Sydney.

With so much to see and do, January is the perfect time to experience this vibrant and exciting city.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia is known for its tropical climate, pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes, making it one of the best places to visit in January.

This time of year, the island is bustling with activity as visitors from around the world flock to its crystal clear waters and lush jungles.

Whether you’re into surfing, snorkeling, or simply lounging on the beach, Bali has something for everyone. With a rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine, it’s no wonder why Bali is considered one of the top travel destinations in the world.

So if you’re looking to escape the winter chill and experience a true paradise, Bali, Indonesia should be at the top of your list.

Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Gilgit-Baltistan is a truly breathtaking region located in northern Pakistan. January is the perfect time to visit this majestic destination, as temperatures and humidity levels are low, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

From mesmerizing scenic spots to awe-inspiring mountains, it has everything an adventure seeker could ask for.

Some of the most notable places to visit in January include the Hunza Valley, which boasts a lively cultural atmosphere and stunning vistas of the snow-capped mountains, and the Shigar Valley, where adventure awaits in the form of ice-trekking and sledging.

Another must-see is the Khunjerab Pass, which is the highest international paved border crossing in the world, offering visitors a stunning view of both Pakistan and China.

January may be winter, but in Gilgit-Baltistan, it’s an incredible time to explore and experience one of the most magical destinations on earth.

Kerala, India

Kerala, also known as “God’s own country”, is an Indian state located in the southwestern region of the country.

The tropical climate of Kerala makes it ideal for a January vacation, allowing visitors to escape the winter blues and soak up the sun. The state is blessed with natural beauty, stunning beaches, shimmering backwaters, and lush greenery that is a treat for the eyes.

The charming hill stations of Munnar and Wayanad offer picturesque landscapes, perfect for trekking and camping.

The serene backwaters of Alleppey and Kumarakom offer a romantic retreat for couples, where they can indulge in a luxurious houseboat ride. A visit to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary to witness the local wildlife and a stroll through the old city of Kochi to explore the rich cultural heritage are some must-do activities.

Kerala is truly one of the best places to visit in January, offering a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty.

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada is a place that truly comes to life in the month of January. With its famously cold winter weather, the city becomes a winter wonderland that is perfect for visitors who are excited to embrace the snowy season.

There are so many things to do here during this time, from strolling through the quaint and colorful streets of Old Quebec to exploring the stunning ice sculptures at the annual Quebec Winter Carnival.

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The city really knows how to put on a show during this time, with exciting events happening practically every day of the month.

And, of course, there is plenty of delicious food to be eaten, including classic Canadian comfort foods like poutine and maple syrup. If you’re looking for an unforgettable winter vacation, Quebec City is definitely one of the best places to visit in January.

Park City, Utah, USA

Park City, Utah is a destination that should definitely be on your travel list if you’re looking for an unforgettable January vacation.

Nestled in the picturesque Wasatch Mountains, Park City boasts world-class ski resorts that offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country.

In addition to skiing, visitors can enjoy a variety of other winter activities like snowmobiling, ice skating, and dog sledding. But Park City isn’t just about outdoor recreation- it’s also rich in culture, with a lively arts scene and a host of unique local shops and restaurants.

And if you’re looking for a break from the cold, check out the Park City Museum or indulge in a spa treatment at one of the luxurious resorts.

Overall, Park City is the perfect place to embrace the winter season and create unforgettable memories.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria is a winter wonderland and the perfect place to visit in January. This charming city is filled with history, culture, and stunning architecture.

From exploring the grand Schönbrunn Palace to strolling through the beautiful Christmas markets, there is something for everyone in Vienna during the winter months.

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the snow-covered streets or warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and some traditional Austrian pastries at one of the many cafes.

With its vibrant music scene, world-renowned museums, and delicious cuisine, Vienna is truly one of the best places to visit in January.

Patagonia, Chile/Argentina

One of the best places to visit in January is the stunning Patagonia region, which spans across Chile and Argentina.

Known for its breathtaking landscapes of snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes, and rugged terrain, Patagonia offers outdoor enthusiasts a playground for adventure.

From trekking the famous W Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park to kayaking among the glaciers in El Calafate, there’s no shortage of thrilling activities to do here.

And for those seeking a more relaxed vacation, Patagonia still has plenty to offer – cozy up by the fireplace in a remote mountain lodge or indulge in some of the region’s world-renowned cuisine.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, a trip to Patagonia is the perfect way to start the new year.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand is a breathtaking destination for anyone looking to escape the winter chill and bask in tropical paradise.

With warm temperatures and clear skies in January, Phuket becomes a prime destination for tourists seeking a getaway. This southern province of Thailand boasts some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, including Patong Beach and Karon Beach.

Visitors can also explore the picturesque Phi Phi Islands, take a dip in the Emerald Pool, or take in the stunning views from Big Buddha.

In addition to the natural attractions, Phuket has a vibrant nightlife scene and delicious local cuisine. A visit to Phuket in January is sure to be a memorable and unforgettable experience.

The Maldives

January is the perfect time to escape the bitter winter weather and head to the tropical paradise of the Maldives.

Situated off the coast of India, the Maldives boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the world and an unparalleled underwater world for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Visitors can stay in overwater bungalows and take advantage of the crystal clear waters right at their doorstep.

The Maldives offers a unique cultural experience as well, with a blend of Indian, Islamic, and African influences, seen in the vibrant music and dance performances. January is the dry season in the Maldives, offering clear blue skies and perfect temperatures for outdoor activities.

Anyone in search of relaxation, adventure or some beautiful scenic vistas should definitely put the Maldives on their list of must-visit destinations this January.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE is a cosmopolitan city that is rightly known as the “City of Gold”. It experiences a warm climate all year round, but January is the perfect time to visit when the temperatures are mild and pleasant. Dubai offers a myriad of opportunities for travelers who are interested in exploring the Middle Eastern culture, cuisine and lifestyle. From the iconic Burj Khalifa to the stunning Burj Al Arab, Dubai has some of the most impressive architectural wonders in the world. Additionally, visitors can indulge in various shopping experiences, desert safaris, and water parks. The city is an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable winter escape with upscale amenities and world-class attractions.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland is truly a winter wonderland that should be on the top of your list of Best Places To Visit In January.

This town located in the Swiss Alps offers world-class skiing and snowboarding, with the iconic Matterhorn peak providing a stunning view in the background.

Whether you’re an experienced skier seeking thrills on the slopes, or a beginner looking to take skiing lessons, Zermatt has something for everyone.

Apart from skiing, there are plenty of other winter activities to enjoy such as sledding, snowshoeing, and ice-skating.

Also, the cozy Swiss chalets, delicious fondue, and hot chocolate will keep you warm and satisfied after a long day of exploring the winter wonderland.


Antarctica, the frozen and remote southernmost continent of the world, may not be the first destination that springs to mind when planning a January getaway.

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However, for those seeking an otherworldly experience, visiting Antarctica during the month of January may just be the ultimate bucket list adventure.

With the sun shining 24 hours a day, visitors can explore the vast icy landscape and witness the stunning spectacle of glacial formations, humpback whales and penguins in their natural habitat.

January in Antarctica also coincides with the breeding season of various species, adding extra excitement to any trip.

Whether you decide to cruise through the Antarctic Peninsula, go kayaking in the icy waters or simply take in the awe-inspiring views, a visit to Antarctica in January is bound to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Benefits of traveling in January:

Though January may sometimes be overlooked as a travel month, it actually has numerous benefits for those who take advantage of it. Here are just a few convincing reasons to pack your bags and travel in January.

Lower Prices:

One of the biggest benefits of traveling in January is that prices for flights and accommodations tend to be significantly lower than during peak travel seasons.

With the holidays over, destinations that were popular in December often become less crowded in January, and businesses may offer lower rates to attract visitors.

This can make it an ideal time to visit a destination that might have been out of budget during the busy holiday season.

Fewer Crowds:

As mentioned, many popular destinations can become overcrowded during the holiday season, making travel stressful and expensive.

But come January, fewer tourists mean more opportunities to enjoy a city or attraction without battling hordes of other visitors.

This can make for a more relaxed and pleasant travel experience overall.

Moderate Climate:

Depending on where you go, January can actually be a great month to experience milder weather in certain parts of the world.

For example, it’s a perfect time to explore hot spots like Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, where summertime temperatures prevail.

Similarly, certain European cities like Paris and Rome may actually have more temperate weather in January than during hotter months when tourists crowd the streets. 

Cultural Experiences:

January is a great time to immerse yourself in cultural events and activities that may be unique to certain destinations.

From Chinese New Year in Singapore to Carnival in Brazil, many countries celebrate important holidays and events in January, making it an ideal time to witness and participate in traditions you might not experience at other times of the year.

Personal Growth:

Finally, travel in January may have benefits for your mental and emotional health.

January can be an emotionally taxing month for some, with post-holiday blues and colder weather making it difficult to muster up motivation.

But by traveling and having new experiences, you may be able to boost your mood and rejuvenate your spirit.

Breaking out of your routine and seeing new places can be an especially effective way to shift your mindset and gain a fresh perspective on life.

Final Thoughts

January is the perfect time to escape the cold winter weather and indulge in the beauty of some of the world’s most spectacular destinations.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious beach holiday, an exotic cultural experience or a thrilling adventure in a wonderland of ice and snow, January has something to offer everyone.

Plan your dream getaway now and make the most of the start of the new year. The world is filled with incredible places to visit, so why not take full advantage of it and make a memorable start.

Whether it’s somewhere more tropical or somewhere more traditional, each destination offers something unique that can be appreciated during the colder months. For all of these reasons, choosing one of these best places to visit in January should guarantee an unforgettable vacation for all who take the trip.

Don’t let winter keep you inside – between a tropical paradise, European culture and exploration or cozy snow activities you’re sure to never look at winter in the same way again!


What cities are best in January?

In January, the best cities to visit include the Maldives, Dubai, UAE, Zermatt, Switzerland and Antarctica.

What activities can you do in January?

In January you can enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing and ice-skating. You can also explore various cultural experiences, indulge in shopping, go on desert safaris and visit water parks. A trip to Antarctica offers the opportunity to explore the vast icy landscape and witness various species in their natural habitat.

What is the best European country to visit in January?

Switzerland is a great destination for winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, as well as cozy Swiss chalets, delicious fondue and hot chocolate.

Is it safe to travel in January?

It is generally considered safe to travel in January, however travelers should always check the latest travel advice from their government before traveling. It is also a good idea to purchase comprehensive travel insurance before embarking on any trip.

What are the warmest places to vacation in January?

The warmest places to vacation in January include the Maldives, Dubai, UAE, and Melbourne, Australia.

What is the best island to visit in January?

The best island to visit in January is the Maldives, which offers crystal clear waters and pristine beaches. The warm climate makes it a great destination for snorkeling, diving and other water-based activities.

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