How expensive is a trip to Turkey?

Colin A. Borden
Colin A. Borden
How expensive is a trip to Turkey

Taking a trip to Turkey can be an amazing experience, one that won’t soon be forgotten. But how expensive is a trip to Turkey?

For a luxurious experience, it can seem quite pricey and may require you to save up for several months in advance.

However, with careful planning and budget-friendly options for transportation and lodging, you can enjoy the wonders of Turkey on an affordable budget.

From hole-in-the-wall restaurants to local grocery markets, there are plenty of ways to make sure your vacation doesn’t break the bank.

In this article, we’ll explore how to make the most of your trip and still stay within your budget.

Cost of flights to Turkey

The cost of flights to Turkey can range depending on where you are flying from and the time of year.

For instance, a round-trip flight from Europe or the US could cost $300-$550 during warmer months, but $400-$600 during colder months.

Flights from East Asia or Australasia are often around $1,000 while Gulf countries will range between $500 and $750.

If you plan your journey, airlines sometimes release discounted tickets that can bring down the total cost significantly.

Additionally, airfare aggregators like Skyscanner are a great help in finding the best deals for flights to Turkey.

Is traveling to Turkey Expensive?

Traveling to Turkey can be both expensive and affordable, depending on one’s budget and the specific destinations one choose. If you are willing to stay in hostels or family-run lodges instead of luxury hotels and eat at local eateries instead of pricey restaurants, then traveling to Turkey can be quite economical.

Those opting for more lavish accommodations and dining experiences will pay significantly more. It is also important to consider transportation costs when planning a trip to Turkey; in many cases, it is more cost-effective to take public transport than renting a car.

Turkey has a wide variety of attractions that accommodate all kinds of budgets. For those looking for an affordable vacation, The southern Aegean region offers beautiful beaches along with historical sites like Ephesus. Travelers looking for something a bit pricier might opt to go on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea or visit Istanbul which offers sightseeing opportunities such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia church.

When it comes to meals, travelers can save money by sticking with traditional Turkish specialties such as kebabs, pide (flatbread), börek (pastry), and köfte (meatballs). Eating street food from vendors is also an economical option; however, it would be wise to check that the food is being handled properly before consuming as food safety standards vary from place to place.

Overall, with careful planning, one can experience all that Turkey has to offer without breaking their budget.

How much money do you need for a week in Turkey?

A week in Turkey can be a great experience, but it’s not cheap.

Depending on how you plan your trip and your budget, $500 to $1000 is a good range for what you need for accommodation and meals for a week in Turkey.

Turkey is generally considered an affordable travel destination, but prices can quickly add up due to the exchange rate of $USD.

If you’re looking to save money, try booking a hostel or Couchsurfing instead of a hotel. Restaurants offering traditional Turkish dishes typically have very low prices, so that can help balance out the higher cost of accommodations.

In any case, make sure to plan your budget to get the most out of your time in Turkey.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Turkey?

Traveling to Turkey is something many people dream of, and to get the best deals on flights, it pays to think carefully about the time of year.

The cheapest month to fly to Turkey in October. This is good timing for anyone hoping to experience the fall weather and a variety of cultural activities in one of the world’s oldest cities – Istanbul.

Prices will be more affordable than in other months due to a decrease in tourism at that time of year, often making it possible to find cheaper airfares or combination packages.

Of course, while October can represent considerable savings in terms of your airfare, researching any number of travel comparison websites can help you identify varying flight schedules and prices throughout the entire year.


Traveling to Turkey can be a great experience, and there are plenty of ways to make it more affordable. Whether you opt for budget-friendly accommodations or stick with traditional foods, planning your budget beforehand is one of the best ways to save money.

When it comes to flights, October is typically the cheapest month to fly to Turkey, making it an ideal time to visit. With careful research and the right planning, you can experience all that Turkey has to offer without breaking your budget.

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