Why Is California Gas So Expensive? – Travelers Caution

Why Is California Gas So Expensive

California gas prices are famously expensive, but it’s for good reason. The state’s high taxes, environmental regulations, and transportation costs all contribute to the price of fuel. Besides, California has a unique blend of gasoline that is made from cleaner burning ingredients than other states, which also increases its cost. As much as Californians would … Read more

Are travel pillows bad for your neck?

Are travel pillows bad for your neck

Travel pillows are often seen as a necessary evil for long journeys; however, little is known about their actual effects on our necks. In fact, many travelers wonder whether these seemingly-simple accessories can actually be bad for our neck health. As it turns out, there may be cause for concern – depending on how you … Read more

Why Is Solo Travel On The Increase?

Why Is Solo Travel On The Increase

An increasing amount of individuals are choosing to go on vacations and exploratory journeys by themselves in recent years for various explanations. For many people, solo travel offers a sense of freedom and independence that is not always possible when traveling with others. When you travel alone, you can make your own itinerary and change … Read more

Does traveling burn calories?

Does traveling burn calories

Exploring the world is not only eye-opening, but it may also be a great way to stay fit and healthy. Traveling comes with countless benefits – from trying different cuisines to encountering different cultures. But one of the most overlooked advantages of traveling may be its potential to help you burn calories. Whether you’re simply … Read more

How expensive is it to travel to Hawaii?


Many people only dream of visiting Hawaii at least once in their lifetime, but for those who are serious about planning an idyllic tropical escape. The cost is the first factor that must be taken into consideration. From flights to hotels and car rentals, the price tag can quickly add up, making it hard to … Read more

Can You Drink Tap Water In California?

Can You Drink Tap Water In California

Tap water in California is generally safe to drink, thanks to the diligent work of government agencies such as the State Water Resources Control Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that regulate water quality. However, it is important to note that certain areas in California have run into problems with their tap water in … Read more

When Does Fall Start In California?

When Does Fall Start In California

As September brings a chill to the air, many of us think of fall and all that comes with it. Those living in California though might be hard-pressed to realize this, as locals know that fall in the Golden State typically begins when November rolls around. The start of the season varies slightly by region, … Read more

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