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Why Put A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel?

Why Put A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel?

Why Put A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel

Traveling is an integral part of life – whether for business, pleasure, or a combination of both. While it often brings about feelings of excitement and anticipation, travelers frequently find themselves feeling uneasy as they navigate the unknown.

But what if there was something you could do to alleviate your anxiety while on the road? Something compact enough to fit snugly in your wallet and incredibly easy to use? Enter: The Crayon! This essential item may be small but its potential uses while traveling are profound.

Read on to learn why having a crayon tucked away in your wallet could make all the difference when hitting the open road.

Quick Facts: Keeping a crayon in your wallet is an easy and convenient way to mark up maps or tickets when traveling. Crayons are small enough that they don’t take up much space, but still offer plenty of functionality for travelers. Most crayons come with a protective covering that can prevent them from getting damaged in the elements. Almost, many have waxy textures which make it easier to write on paper or cardboard without smudging. This makes them great for jotting down notes or directions while you’re on the go. All in all, having a crayon handy while traveling can be incredibly useful and helpful.

What is the purpose of putting a crayon in your wallet when you travel?

The purpose of putting a crayon in your wallet is to provide a creative and convenient way to keep track of important items, such as airline tickets, passport information, identification cards, and other documents.

Crayons are easily carried in a wallet or pocket, making them the ideal companion for travelers who want to stay organized while on the go. Additionally, crayons can be used to mark up maps or directions if you get lost while exploring a new city.

They can also be used as an emergency coloring tool – whether it’s to entertain children while waiting in line at the airport or to bring out your inner artist by doodling on place cards at the dinner table.

Not only are they lightweight and easy to carry around with you but they come in all sorts of colors which can make any traveler feel more prepared for their journey ahead.

Benefits of putting a crayon in your wallet when you travel

While it may seem strange at first, there are actually many benefits to packing a crayon in your wallet when you travel. From providing an unexpected entertainment option to helping with emergency repairs, a crayon can be invaluable when you’re on the go. Here are five benefits of having a crayon handy when you hit the road. 

Entertainment for Kids: If you’re traveling with children, bringing along a crayon can be an easy way to keep them entertained during long car rides or flights. Since most kids already have experience with coloring and drawing, having a crayon available will keep them occupied while providing an opportunity for creative expression. And if they’re old enough, they can even sketch out their own travel journal.

Emergency Repair Tool: Have you ever been stuck without packing tape or glue? A crayon can come in handy as an emergency repair tool in situations like these. Just apply some pressure and draw over the area that needs reinforcement – the wax will help hold it together until you reach your destination and can properly fix it up with something more permanent.

Marking Your Bags: Have trouble recognizing your bag when it comes off the conveyor belt? Marking it with a bright colored crayon is an easy way to make sure that it stands out from all the other lookalike bags out there. This tip works even better if you have clear luggage tags since the color will be more visible from afar.

Making Maps More Visible: If you plan on using paper maps while traveling, using a crayon to trace your path can make it easier for others to follow where you’ve been and where you plan on going next – especially if they’re not familiar with reading maps themselves! You could also use this trick while planning routes or doing research before your trip begins as well.

Color-Coding Important Documents: Color-coding important documents like passports and visas is not only helpful for keeping track of them but also makes them easier to spot in case someone tries to steal them away from you. If any papers get lost during your travels, marking them with bright colors makes them easier to find again later on down the road.

Drawbacks to putting a crayon in your wallet when you travel

Messy: A crayon might seem like an innocuous item but when kept in your wallet, it can make for a messy experience. If the crayon breaks or wears down as you carry it around, the wax can easily smudge onto paper and fabric alike. The colored wax can be difficult to remove from clothing and paper bills, so it’s best to leave it out of your wallet altogether. 

Bulky: While crayons are small enough on their own, if you put one in your wallet, it will take up valuable space that could be filled with other important items such as cash or cards. This could make carrying your wallet more cumbersome than necessary and lead to an uncomfortable experience while traveling. 

Fragile: Crayons are quite fragile and can easily break due to pressure or being dropped or stepped on accidentally. If you keep one in your wallet and something happens to cause it to break, the waxy mess could spread onto other items within your bag or even into neighboring wallets if placed inside of a purse or suitcase with multiple compartments.  

Wasteful: Carrying around an unused crayon with no specific purpose is wasteful since they come in packs of many colors and sizes which makes them relatively inexpensive when purchased in bulk. Thus, buying individual ones just for the purpose of putting them inside wallets would not be cost effective nor beneficial in any way whatsoever. 

Unsafe: Keeping sharp objects such as pencils and scissors inside of wallets has long been considered unsafe due to the potential risk of injury when reaching inside pockets and bags without looking first. Although crayons do not have sharp points like pencils do, they are still much harder than most other items typically found in wallets (cash, cards etc.) which means that they could still cause injury if handled improperly or accidentally inserted into skin instead of fabric pockets during retrieval from purses/bags etc.

How long does a crayon last in your wallet?

When travelling, you never want to be without a crayon. Whether it’s for taking notes or creative endeavors, crayons are often essential. But how can you transport them without getting damaged?

Fortunately, crayons are fairly durable and will stay in good condition even when carried around in your wallet.

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This is largely thanks to the wax-based material crayons are made of; these ingredients make them less prone to melting than other mediums. Also, the fact that people tend to not actually use the crayon in their wallets means they’ll often still be usable after months on the road.

Even so, it’s always best to travel with only one or two; just enough for potential situations but not too many that they’ll get crammed into your wallet.

What happens if you lose your crayon while you are traveling?

If you lose your crayon while traveling, the best way to replace it is to check with any souvenir or gift shops at the location you are visiting.

Many stores offer a wide variety of art supplies, such as different colored crayons and pencils. Alternatively, you can also look for a store that specializes in the offering of art materials.

If both methods fail, then looking online is certainly an option to find the right tool for your creative masterpiece.

Also, ensuring that spare supplies are packed is always a good idea when planning ahead for journeys.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re taking a long flight or just going on an adventure, having a crayon tucked away in your wallet will help ensure that boredom is never an issue. Take the time to stay creative and engaged during your travels with this simple solution.

Not only can it help pass the time if there is an unexpected flight delay or layover, but it also helps you practice creativity, which can increase productivity and wellbeing.

Crayons are also relatively small and light, so they won’t take up much space in any type of bag or pocket.

With a bit of paper and imagination, a tiny crayon can add a lot to your travels – from doodling skylines on windows to scribbling out “I was here” reminders. The possibilities are endless.

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