What’s the worst time to visit Finland?

Nazim Naqvi
Nazim Naqvi

Finland is one of the most interesting countries to visit, but it may not be a good holiday spot year-round.

The worst time to visit Finland would be from November through March. This is due to extreme winter weather conditions and lack of sunlight during this time. These frigid months can bring biting winds, ice-covered roads, and temperatures that can drop below -20 degrees Celsius at times.

Furthermore, with winter setting in around November, days become shorter and much gloomier with just four hours of daylight or less per day in December.

Travelling to Finland during these cold months isn’t recommended for anyone unprepared for the weather or those wanting to enjoy even just a little bit of sunshine while they are in Finland.

Why winter the worst time to visit Finland?

However, it can be quite cold in the wintertime, making it an undesirable time to visit. Here are five reasons why winter is the worst time to visit Finland. 

Extreme Weather: During the winter months, temperatures can dip as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 Celsius). This makes it very difficult to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing or snowshoeing. Additionally, the days get shorter during the winter months and darkness descends before 5 pm in some locations. This makes it almost impossible for visitors to explore Finland’s great outdoors after dark. 

Limited Transportation: Many of Finland’s roads become icy and dangerous during the winter months, making them hazardous for travel by car or bus. In addition, public transportation options are often limited due to road closures or reduced services due to weather conditions. This makes getting from one place to another more difficult than usual. 

Fewer Activities: Many of Finland’s tourist attractions close down over the winter months due to extreme weather conditions or lack of demand from tourists who don’t want to brave the cold weather. This means that there are fewer activities available for tourists during these months compared with other times of year when more attractions open their doors and welcome visitors from near and far. 

Expensive Accommodations: Hotel prices tend to skyrocket during peak season in Finland, which runs from early December through late February each year the exact opposite of what many travelers are looking for when planning their trips! Prices can easily double or even triple during this time period as hotels cater to travelers seeking refuge from the cold weather conditions outside their doors. 

Longer Travel Times: With so many people wanting to escape the frigid temperatures outside their homes and offices, airports tend to be crowded during peak season in Finland which means long lines at check-in counters and delays on flights both inbound and outbound from Finnland’s airports throughout this period . Additionally, snowstorms can create further disruption and delays on all modes of transportation across the country during these months.

Is it worth going to Finland in winter season?

traveling to Finland during the winter season isn’t always worth it sometimes the cold can be too intense for some, up to -20 degrees Celsius below zero.

Winter days are short and there is very little natural light making it difficult to explore the sites around you. And unless you take an expensive Arctic tour, most of the spectacular Northern Lights display is not visible in Finland.

While the thrill of experiencing something new would surely be worthwhile, don’t forget that in winter less accommodation options are available and things can get quite pricey so think carefully if Finland in winter really suits your needs.

What should I pack for Finland during worst winter months?

Whether you are planning a winter holiday or just want to be prepared for the cold, packing the right clothing and accessories is essential. Here are items you should never leave home without when visiting Finland during the coldest months of the year. 

Waterproof Boots – If you are planning on spending time outdoors in Finland during the winter, waterproof boots are a must-have item. The snow can get deep, so it’s important to have boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. Look for boots with a thick sole and good insulation, as well as an aggressive tread pattern that will help you stay upright on slippery surfaces. 

Thick Wool Socks – High quality wool socks are essential for keeping your feet warm in extreme temperatures. Look for socks made from merino wool or alpaca wool, which will provide superior warmth and comfort while resisting odors and moisture buildup. 

Thermal Underwear – Thermal underwear is great for layering up on extremely cold days in order to keep yourself warm and insulated from the elements. Look for lightweight thermals made from synthetic materials such as polyester or spandex that won’t add too much bulk but will still provide excellent warmth retention when paired with other layers of clothing.  

A Hat & Gloves – Hats and gloves are essential items in any winter wardrobe; they protect your extremities from frostbite by trapping body heat close to your skin while helping to keep out cold air and windchill temperatures. Look for hats with ear flaps or balaclavas that cover your mouth and nose if possible; these will provide extra warmth on particularly frigid days.  

A Good Jacket – Last but not least, make sure you pack a good jacket before heading out into the cold. Look for jackets made from down or synthetic insulation materials; these tend to be lighter than traditional coats while still providing excellent insulation against the elements outside. Consider purchasing a waterproof shell jacket as well; this can help keep rain, snow, and sleet at bay while still allowing you to move freely around outside without being weighed down by heavy fabrics or bulky layers of clothing underneath.


Visiting Finland during the winter months can be a magical experience, but it isn’t for the faint of heart.

The snow and cold temperatures make it difficult to fully enjoy your trip and there are fewer hours of daylight, making sightseeing and traveling more difficult.

Further, Finland is located in an area that also experiences the phenomenon of “midnight sun,” meaning days are longer than usual during certain months of the year, drastically reducing sleeping hours available at night.

With these factors in mind, the worst time to visit Finland is during its winter months, unless you are willing to face all these challenges head on.

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