What’s the worst time to visit Goa?

Colin A. Borden
Colin A. Borden

From the hectic tourist crowds and boiling heat of the summer to the unexpectedly cool and windy monsoons, Goa has its own unique charm.

The monsoon season in Goa is spectacular and often praised by locals and tourists alike. However, this beautiful wet season does bring with it some complications strong winds that can cause property damage, landslides during extreme weather conditions, and even flooding during some parts of the year.

For these reasons, it’s not recommended to visit Goa during its monsoon season from late May – early October. This is usually a time when attractions are closed or not operating at full capacity due to dangerous weather conditions, so if you’re wanting to have an unforgettable experience visiting Goa, you’ll be better off planning your trip for after October.

Why monsoon the worst to visit Goa?

Goa, India’s tropical paradise, is a popular tourist destination. The beaches, the culture, and the nightlife are just some of the reasons why it’s become one of India’s favorite vacation spots. But when should you visit Goa? If you ask any seasoned traveler, the best time to visit Goa is during winter or early spring. But why? Well, let’s take a look at five reasons why monsoon season is not the best time to visit Goa. 

Rainy Weather: Goa experiences heavy rainfall during its monsoon season, which can last from June to September. This means that most outdoor activities will be off-limits during this period due to risk of flooding and landslides. Additionally, humidity levels tend to be high during monsoon season which can make it difficult for visitors to enjoy their stay in Goa. 

Increased Mosquito Population: During monsoon season, the mosquito population tends to increase significantly due to the rainy weather and increased humidity levels. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in any place but they can also pose health risks if left unchecked especially in areas with high malaria prevalence like Goa. Visitors should take extra precautions against mosquitoes during their stay in Goa if they plan on visiting during monsoon season. 

Poor Road Conditions: Rainfall affects roads in all parts of India including Goa. During monsoon season, roads tend to get muddy and slippery due to excessive rainfall which makes them unsafe for travelers especially those who are inexperienced drivers or who are unfamiliar with driving in India’s wetter regions. In addition, some roads may even become impassable due to flooding or landslides caused by heavy rains leaving travelers stranded until conditions improve again.

Unreliable Transportation Services: Due to poor road conditions as mentioned above, transportation services such as buses and taxis may become unreliable during monsoon season especially if they operate on routes that are prone to flooding or landslides caused by heavy rainfalls. As such, visitors may experience delays or disruptions while trying to get around Goa during this period of time which could ruin their vacation plans.

Reduced Tourist Activities: Since most outdoor activities are off limits due to poor weather conditions and increased mosquito populations; there will be fewer tourist activities available for visitors during this period of time which could lead them feeling bored and uninterested in staying in Goa for too long. On top of that; many shops/restaurants/nightclubs may be closed (or operating at reduced hours) due to seasonal fluctuations in demand from tourists so visitors should keep that in mind before planning their trip.

What is not allowed in Goa?

It’s no wonder why so many people flock to this Indian state each year! But what about the things that aren’t allowed in Goa? Knowing what you can and cannot do is essential for any traveler. Below are some activities that are not allowed in Goa. 

Smoking in Public Places – Smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars, or even on the beach is strictly prohibited. This includes cigarettes and e-cigarettes. If you’re caught smoking in a public place, you could be fined up to Rs 200 (approximately $2.70). 

Drinking Alcohol – Drinking alcohol anywhere other than a licensed bar or restaurant is illegal and punishable by law with a fine of up to Rs 5,000 (approximately $67). Additionally, drinking alcohol on the beach or in other public places is strictly prohibited.  

Littering – Throwing trash on the beach or any other public area is illegal and carries a penalty of up to Rs 500 (approximately $6). Be sure to always dispose of your trash responsibly by using designated bins or taking it with you when you leave an area.  

Swimming at Night – Swimming at night is prohibited due to safety concerns and can result in a fine of up to Rs 500 (approximately $6). Most beaches close around sunset so be sure to plan your swimming adventures accordingly!  

Driving without a License – All drivers must have valid driver’s licenses issued by any Indian state government before operating a vehicle in Goa. Driving without one can result in fines of up to Rs 10,000 (approximately $134) as well as jail time if convicted of more serious offenses such as reckless driving or drunk driving charges.  

Precautions to take while visiting Goa during monsoon season:

If you’re planning on visiting during the monsoon season (May-Oct), there are some precautions that you should take to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip. 

⇛ Check the Weather Forecast: Before booking your tickets, be sure to check the weather forecast for your destination. The monsoons in Goa can be unpredictable and it pays to be prepared so you know what to expect. If the forecast is rainy and stormy, consider postponing your trip until conditions improve.

⇛ Bring Rain Gear: Even if the forecast looks good, bring rain gear with you just in case. Pack a lightweight raincoat or poncho and an umbrella for those sudden downpours that occur during monsoon season. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the attractions without getting wet! 

⇛ Wear Appropriate Clothing: It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions when visiting Goa during monsoon season. Pack clothes that are light and breathable so you don’t get too hot or uncomfortable while exploring the city. Make sure they’re also waterproof so they won’t get soaked if it rains unexpectedly! 

⇛ Stay Safe On The Beach: Many people visit Goa specifically to enjoy its beautiful beaches but during monsoon season, strong currents can make swimming dangerous so it’s important to exercise caution when near bodies of water during this time of year. Pay attention to warning signs at beach entrances and follow any advice given by lifeguards or local authorities about staying safe in the water.  

⇛ Be Aware Of Mosquitoes: Monsoon season also brings with it an increase in mosquitoes which can carry diseases like malaria and dengue fever so make sure to wear insect repellent whenever possible! Also avoid standing water (such as puddles) as much as possible since these can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


Visiting Goa anytime from June to Oct is not recommended.

This is because the monsoon season comes in full force and brings intense downpours virtually every day.

Not only that, but humidity is at an all-time high making it very uncomfortable to move around, and most of the beaches remain closed due to waterlogging.

Therefore, it is important to take all of the necessary precautions when visiting Goa during monsoon season such as checking the weather forecast, dressing appropriately for the weather, and avoiding areas that may be prone to mosquitoes.

By following these tips, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to Goa in spite of the rain!

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