What’s the worst time to visit Kansas?

Kansas is an often overlooked destination for travelers, but there’s so much to explore and experience in this vast state.

While you may be wondering when the best time to visit Kansas would be, first we should address what is arguably the worst time of year: summer.

From intense heat waves and thunderstorms to potential flash flooding and plague-carrying insects, there are a plethora of warning signs that suggest it might not be wise- or even safe- to venture into the Sunflower State at this particular moment in time.

Read on as we dive into all the different factors that make visiting Kansas in summer less than ideal.

The worst time to visit Kansas:

Visiting Iowa during any season can be a great experience, but the worst time to visit would have to be during the summer.

Temperatures often reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and there’s constantly high humidity.

During the hottest months, there are often thunderstorms rolling through the state than can interrupt any outdoor plans you may have.

To save yourself from potential heat exhaustion, it’s best to avoid travel to Iowa during the late spring and early summer seasons.

Why summer is worst time to to visit Kansas?

It’s not just the extreme temperatures that make summer in Kansas a drag- there are other factors to consider that might make it the worst time of year to visit.

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▶️ Fluctuating weather: Kansas has an unpredictable climate, which means that thunderstorms and flash flooding can occur on a frequent basis.

This may be true during other months as well, but the intense heat of summer can make it much worse.

▶️ Poor air quality: High humidity levels often mean poor air quality in the areas of Kansas that are known for their extreme heat.

This can be especially bad in cities like Wichita, where air pollution is already an issue.

It’s best to avoid visiting during the summer if you suffer from asthma or any other respiratory issues.

▶️ Insects: During the summer months, there are often more bugs in the air than usual, which can be uncomfortable for some travelers.

In particular, there are some species of mosquitoes that carry the plague- yes, you read that right- so it’s best to take extra precaution and avoid areas where they may be present.

What are some of the dangers of visiting Kansas during worst summer?

The state of Kansas is known for its rolling plains, magnificent sunsets, and wide-open skies. But summertime in Kansas can be a different story. From extreme temperatures to the threat of violent weather, visiting Kansas during the worst summer can be a dangerous proposition. Let’s take a closer look at five of the dangers you need to watch out for when visiting Kansas during the worst summer.

Heat Wave Danger –

Temperatures in some parts of Kansas can soar during the summer months, reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit on some days.

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This extreme heat can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous for visitors who are not used to it.

As such, it’s important to take precautions when traveling in this part of the country during these months.

Wear light-colored clothing, use sunscreen, and stay hydrated to help reduce your risk of heat exhaustion or worse.

Thunderstorms –

Violent thunderstorms are common in Kansas during the worst summer months, with strong winds and torrential downpours being common occurrences.

These storms often come with lightning strikes that can cause serious injury or death if one is caught outside without shelter.

It’s best to avoid outdoor activities when thunderstorms are announced or forecasted and always seek cover immediately if one is spotted on the horizon.

Flash Flooding –

The sudden onset of heavy rains combined with flat terrain makes flash flooding a very real danger in many areas of the state during this season.

If you are visiting an area where flash floods are a concern, make sure you know where higher ground is located in case there is any kind of warning issued about incoming flooding waters.

Tornadoes –

Tornadoes are another potential danger that visitors should be aware of when visiting Kansas during its worst summer months.

These twisters can form suddenly and travel quickly across large distances so it’s important to keep an eye on local news warnings about tornado activity and seek shelter immediately if one approaches your location.

Mosquitoes –

Last but certainly not least, mosquitoes are abundant throughout much of Kansas during certain times of year due to standing water caused by heavy rains and flooding conditions experienced in many parts of the state during these months.

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They carry diseases like West Nile virus which can cause serious illnesses in those who become infected by them so it’s important to apply bug repellent liberally when spending time outdoor.

Here during this season as well as wear long sleeves and pants whenever possible while doing so too.

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