What’s The Worst Time To Visit New Jersey?

Visiting New Jersey is a great experience no matter what, but if you really want to get the most out of your vacation there, it pays to know when the worst time to visit is.

Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, avoiding extreme weather conditions and unpredictable events can help make sure that your trips goes off without a hitch.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the key factors that make certain times of year not ideal for traveling in New Jersey.

From potential storms and flooding issues to summer heatwaves and record-breaking snowfalls, there’s a lot to consider when deciding on just the right time for your trip.

The Worst Time To Visit New Jersey

New Jersey is a beautiful state bustling with interesting attractions, outdoor activities, and plenty of historical landmarks, making it an appealing destination for visitors all year long.

That said, there are certain times that aren’t the best to take a trip to the Garden State – one being during the humid months of July and August.

The sweltering temperatures and high humidity tend to put a damper on your sightseeing plans when you don’t have air conditioning handy.

An additional downside to visiting New Jersey at this time is that it can be quite expensive due to summer tourism rates being in effect.

Worst places to visit in New Jersey: 10 Places

♦ Atlantic City

Atlantic City’s nightlife and gambling attractions can be fun for a certain type of traveler, but the high crime rate and often overcrowded boardwalk make it an unfavorable destination for many.

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♦ Camden

Located in the most dangerous city in New Jersey, Camden is an area to avoid if safety is a priority during your visit.

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