What’s the worst time to visit Phuket?

Visiting Phuket during the monsoon season is by far the worst time to visit. With strong winds and thunderous rain, you won’t be able to enjoy any of the outdoor activities or stunning scenery like you would during the dry season.

Not only can it be dangerous due to lightning, but also many businesses close from mid-October until late November due to lack of tourism during this time. Furthermore, beaches are often un-swimmable and flooded, leaving nothing much to do except retreat indoors and wait out the storm.

To make the most of a trip to Phuket, it is best to go during the months of December through May.

Why is monsoon season is worst to visit Phuket?

Phuket, a popular destination in Thailand, is best to be avoided during the monsoon season from June to October.

The heavy rains during this season can cause mudslides near mountainous areas and severe flooding along with them.

In addition, the weather during this time is extremely humid and uncomfortable, making outdoor activities difficult. Moreover, wind speeds can reach up to 229 kilometers per hour with gusts that accompany some tropical storms.

For these reasons, tourists should consider postponing their trip until after the monsoon season if they want to fully enjoy their visit to Phuket.

Does it rain every day in Phuket?

What is the wettest month in Phuket?

August is the wettest month in Phuket, Thailand. The average amount of rainfall during this month is usually around 462.3 millimeters (18.2 inches).

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When the monsoon season hits, it can bring higher than average rains that can last for days.

However, there is still plenty of sunny weather during August meaning outdoor activities and tropical vacations are still possible.

Fortunately, even though this is a wet month, the shortest showers tend to be quite brief and give way to more vibrant sunshine enabling visitors to truly experience one of the world’s most captivating destinations.

What should I avoid in Phuket?

There are a few things that visitors to Phuket should avoid to have the best possible experience. Below is the list of things to avoid in Phuket with an explanation.

Don’t get rip off – Research the prices of things before you buy them and be firm when bargaining with shopkeepers. It’s easy to get ripped off if you don’t know the going rates for things.

Dress appropriately – Many of the temples in Phuket require that visitors dress modestly. This means no shorts or sleeveless shirts for men, and no shorts, tank tops, or revealing dresses for women.

Don’t touch people’s heads – In Thai culture, the head is considered to be the most sacred part of the body. As such, touching someone else’s head, even accidentally, is considered to be very rude.

Don’t point with your feet – The feet are considered to be the lowest and dirtiest part of the body in Thai culture. As such, pointing with your feet or even resting them on furniture is considered to be very rude.

Don’t assume everyone speaks English – While many people in Phuket do speak English, don’t assume that everyone does. It’s always polite to try speaking a few words of Thai before resorting to English.

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Don’t haggle too much – It’s important to bargain when shopping in Phuket, but haggling too much can be seen as rude and insulting to shopkeepers. If you’re not sure how much you should be paying for something, ask a local friend or research prices ahead of time.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you have a wonderful and respectful visit to this beautiful country.

How many days is sufficient for Phuket?

A trip to the beautiful beaches and stunning views of Phuket, Thailand would not be complete without ample time to explore all the island has to offer.

Three days is enough to experience a snapshot of what this unique destination has in store, but five days would certainly provide more than enough time to fully appreciate its exquisite beauty.

From kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving in its crystal-clear waters, to strolling along any of its many white sand beaches, or discovering the iconic sights of Old Town through bike tours tourists are sure to enjoy every moment in paradise.

With the abundance of activities possible on the island of Phuket, it’s really up to the adventurers themselves how much time they choose for their trip.

Final Verdict

Overall, the monsoon season is the worst time to visit Phuket as the monsoonal rains interrupt any chance of fun beach activities.

During this period some strong winds and storms make it difficult for locals to enjoy their daily lives let alone hold festivities. On top of this, traveling by boat and flying around Thailand can be incredibly dangerous in the monsoon season due to heavy rain and stormy conditions.

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Therefore, if one wants to experience all that Phuket has to offer without any monsoonal disruptions, it is best to visit anytime between December – May.

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