What’s The Worst Time To Visit Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican resort city situated on the Pacific Ocean’s Bahía de Banderas. The city is renowned for its stunning beaches, pristine waters, and lush jungle landscapes.

Puerto Vallarta is also a popular destination for both national and international tourists, who come to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife, world-class restaurants, and diverse range of shops and boutiques.

With its year-round mild climate, there are many places to see and do in Puerto Vallarta. However, there is also a wet season in Puerto Vallarta, which runs from June to October. During this time, the town experiences heavy rains and strong winds.

As a result, many of the town’s attractions are closed or have limited hours during the wet season. Travelers who are looking for a relaxing vacation may want to avoid visiting Puerto Vallarta during this time of year.

Why Is Wet Season The Worst Time To Visit Puerto Vallarta?

Most people love the idea of spending their vacation lounging on the beach, but there are some things to consider before booking a trip to Puerto Vallarta during the wet season.

The rainy season typically runs from June to October, and while it can be nice to escape the heat, there are also a few drawbacks.

  • First of all, the weather is much more unpredictable during this time of year. It’s not uncommon for tropical storms to roll in, bringing heavy rains and high winds.
  • Flooding is also a risk, as are power outages and landslides. In addition, many hotels and restaurants close down during the off-season, so visitors may have trouble finding places to stay or things to do.
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For these reasons, it’s important to do some research before booking a trip to Puerto Vallarta during the wet season.

Do hurricanes hit Puerto Vallarta?

Yes, Puerto Vallarta can be hit by hurricanes, but it is not a common occurrence.

The last hurricane to make landfall in Puerto Vallarta was Hurricane Kenna in 2002. Although Kenna was a powerful storm, it caused relatively little damage to the area.

In general, Puerto Vallarta is protected from hurricanes by its location. The mountains surrounding the city create a barrier that helps to prevent storms from making landfall.

As a result, Puerto Vallarta is considered to be a safe place to vacation during hurricane season.

What months are hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta?

Hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta runs from June to November, with the peak months being September and October.

During this time, the city is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. While these storms can cause significant damage, Puerto Vallarta is well prepared for them. The city has a sophisticated early warning system, and residents are quick to take action when a storm is imminent.

As a result, Puerto Vallarta has avoided any major hurricanes in recent years.

Nevertheless, it is always important to be aware of the risks during hurricane season and to take precautions to protect yourself and your property.

How much does an average meal cost in Puerto Vallarta?

A vacation in Puerto Vallarta can be a very affordable way to enjoy a sunny Mexican getaway.

One of the biggest expenses on any trip is typically food, but with a little careful planning it is easy to find reasonably priced meals in Puerto Vallarta. Street food is readily available and often quite cheap, though of course it is important to be aware of hygiene considerations.

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Mid-range restaurants can be found throughout the city, and many of them offer excellent value for money. For those who are willing to spend a little extra, there are also plenty of fine dining options available.

In general, an average meal in Puerto Vallarta should cost between $10 and $30 per person. With careful planning, it is easy to enjoy a delicious and affordable vacation in this beautiful city.

How much money should I take to Puerto Vallarta for a week?

While the cost of living in Puerto Vallarta is relatively low, there are still a number of costs that must be considered.

For example, accommodation will generally account for a large portion of your budget.

If you plan to stay in a hotel, you can expect to pay around $50 per night. Similarly, if you plan to rent an apartment or villa, you can expect to pay around $250 per week.

Other important expenses to consider include food and drink, transportation, and activities. Generally speaking, you should budget around $100 per day for all of your expenses.

With this in mind, you can expect to spend a total of around $700 for a week-long trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Is Puerto Vallarta worth visiting?

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful coastal town located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

With its sandy beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant culture, Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. The town is also home to a number of historic landmarks, including the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the El Malecón seaside promenade.

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Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure, Puerto Vallarta has something to offer everyone.

So if you’re wondering whether Puerto Vallarta is worth visiting, the answer is a resounding yes!


The wet season in Puerto Vallarta runs from June to October and often coincides with the hurricane season.

This can be a risky time to visit, as heavy rains can cause flooding and landslides. The weather can also be quite unpredictable, making it difficult to plan outdoor activities.

If you do decide to visit during the wet season, be sure to pack your rain gear and prepare for some wet weather.

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