What’s the worst time to visit Rome?

Rome is an incredible destination, but the city can become overwhelmingly hot and crowded during certain times of the year.

The summer months, from June to August, are traditionally considered to be the worst time to visit Rome due to the temperature and the sheer number of tourists coming through.

Temperatures are known to surge above 90 degrees Fahrenheit during those peak months, making it difficult for pedestrians just looking to enjoy some sightseeing in the Eternal City.

Additionally, long lines for attractions form quickly in the summertime and make it nearly impossible to access sites without waiting hours outside.

For a quicker more relaxed trip with more comfortable temperatures, consider visiting Rome outside its peak tourist season.

Why summer is the worst to visit Rome?

If you’re planning a trip to Rome, you may want to reconsider scheduling it for the summer months. While there are certainly some benefits to visiting during the summer, there are also some drawbacks that can make your trip a little less than ideal. Let’s take a look at five reasons why summer is the worst time to visit Rome. 

⚠ Hotter Temperatures – One of the biggest drawbacks of visiting Rome in the summer is the hot temperatures. It can get extremely hot in July and August, with average highs reaching well into the 90s°F (32°C). This makes activities like sightseeing and walking through tourist attractions less enjoyable as you’ll be dealing with extreme heat. If you do plan on going in the summer, you should start your day early before it gets too hot outside. 

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⚠ More Crowded – During peak season, which runs from mid-June through mid-September, Rome is much more crowded than usual. The city sees a major influx of tourists during these months, making popular sights like St Peter’s Basilica and Trevi Fountain incredibly busy. Furthermore, hotel prices tend to skyrocket during this time due to high demand and availability can be difficult to come by as well.  

⚠ Expensive Prices – As mentioned above, prices tend to be much higher in Rome during peak season due to high demand from tourists from all over the world. Not only will you pay more for flights and hotels but restaurants and other tourist attractions will also be more expensive during this time as well so you should plan if possible or travel on a budget if need be. 

⚠ Longer Lines – With so many people visiting sites like Colosseum or Vatican City during peak season, waiting lines can get incredibly long which can be frustrating for those who want to make the most of their vacation time in Rome. To avoid long lines at popular attractions try booking tickets online ahead of time or consider taking tours instead which usually have priority entrance options available for purchase as well.

⚠ Unpredictable Weather – Another downside of visiting Rome in the summer is its unpredictable weather patterns which can range from sunny skies one day and thunderstorms in another. This means that outdoor activities such as picnics at public parks or bike rides around town may not always go according to plan depending on what kind of weather is happening when you’re there so be sure to keep an eye out on forecasts before making any plans.

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Is it hot in Rome during the summer?

During the summer months, Rome is a hot and sticky destination. Temperatures can be so hot that locals and tourists alike will often seek out any area with shaded relief from the sun.

To beat the heat, many travelers turn to numerous tourist attractions in and around the city to enjoy their stay, including the many archaeological sites like the Colosseum or Roman Forum.

With its unique history, culture, architecture, and delicious cuisine, Rome is an unforgettable experience in any season and it’s particularly sizzling during those hot summer days.

What should I avoid in Rome?

There’s so much to discover that it can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. To make your visit to Rome a memorable one without any unpleasant surprises, here are certain things to avoid during your stay.

➥ Pickpockets – As with many tourist destinations, pickpockets can be a problem in Rome. Keep an eye on your belongings at all times, especially when you’re out exploring the streets of the city center or taking public transportation. Be particularly mindful in busy areas like Termini Station and the Spanish Steps. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and keep your valuables close to your body (e.g., in a bag that you keep around your neck).

➥ Tourist Traps – Stick to restaurants recommended by locals (or TripAdvisor) rather than those located near popular tourist attractions they tend to be overpriced with subpar food quality and service standards. Also, beware of street vendors who try to sell you goods at exorbitant prices; they often target tourists who don’t know any better.

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➥ Expensive Taxi Fares – Taxis are convenient but also expensive compared to other forms of transportation such as buses and trams (especially if you’re traveling with several people). If you need to take a taxi, make sure the driver has activated the meter before getting into the car; otherwise, negotiate a price before departing.

➥ Crowds – The most popular attractions in Rome get extremely crowded during peak hours think of long lines and shoulder-to-shoulder crowds throughout the day (especially during summer months). Try visiting these sites either early in the morning or late at night (when possible) to avoid long waits; this is especially true for attractions like St Peter’s Basilica which require security checks upon entry.

➥ Driving – Traffic jams are common in Rome due to its narrow streets and high population density so driving is not recommended unless necessary (and even then it’s best avoided if possible). Parking spots can also be hard to find street parking is limited and garages charge steep fees per hour so plan accordingly if you must drive.


All in all, Rome truly is a magnificent destination to explore and experience. However, the summer months are the worst time to visit.

The extreme heat and humidity can be stifling, and with throngs of tourists all vying for the best spots in the city, it can often feel like an overcrowded nightmare.

For those truly looking to enjoy what Rome has to offer, it’s always best to avoid visiting during these peak months.

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