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What’s the worst time to visit San Juan?

What’s the worst time to visit San Juan?

What’s the worst time to visit San Juan

San Juan is a beautiful city full of vibrant culture, but the worst time to visit would be during hurricane season, which falls between June and November.

Although the Caribbean storms hit strange pockets of the island, it’s still worth considering strong winds and heavy rains as a factor when planning your vacation.

Even if you wander away from the beach, San Juan can experience some serious weather changes during these months, including blooming temperatures that don’t necessarily lend themselves well to sightseeing or outdoor activities.

With unpredictable hurricanes always lurking in the corners of the Atlantic Ocean, visitors would be wise to consider avoiding San Juan during this time frame.

Why hurricane season the worst to visit San Juan?

San Juan, Puerto Rico may be a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and sparkling oceans, but during hurricane season there is no escaping the threat of destructive weather.

This season occurs between June 1st and November 30th every year, with peak activity happening in August and September.

Each year dozens of hurricanes populate the entire Caribbean region, causing flooding, high winds, high surfs and dangerous storm surges that can result in devastating property damage.

Many people are deterred from visiting San Juan during this season because it’s difficult to predict which storms will grow strong enough to become a threat.

Therefore, it’s best to avoid the area during this period due to the destructive potential of these natural disasters.

How do I avoid the worst time to visit San Juan?

During the months of June through November it’s also in the middle of hurricane season. Visiting during this time can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to expect, but with a few tips and tricks you can make the most of your trip and have an incredible experience. Here are five tips for making the most of your visit to San Juan during hurricane season. 

Weather Check – As with any trip, checking the weather forecast is always recommended. This is especially important when planning a trip to San Juan during hurricane season since you want to avoid any potential storms or hurricanes that may be headed your way. Knowing what kind of weather to expect ahead of time will help you plan accordingly and ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable. 

Travel Insurance – It’s always wise to have travel insurance when travelling, but it’s especially important when visiting an area like San Juan during hurricane season. Having insurance will provide peace of mind knowing that should anything unexpected happen, you are covered financially. 

Indoor Activities – While there are plenty of outdoor activities in San Juan such as snorkelling, kayaking and hiking, it’s important to plan indoor activities as well in case inclement weather arises unexpectedly. Visit museums, restaurants or take a tour around Old San Juan—whatever suits your fancy! Just make sure you have something planned that can keep you entertained in case mother nature decides not to cooperate with your travel plans. 

Stay Connected – It’s essential to stay connected while travelling so make sure you bring along extra phone chargers or power banks just in case there’s a power outage due to inclement weather conditions. You should also keep up-to-date with news from local sources so that if any evacuations are needed due to an approaching storm or hurricane, you can be prepared and stay safe at all times while on vacation. 

Pack Smartly – Make sure you pack clothes suited for both warm weather and rain gear just in case there is bad weather while on vacation; lightweight rain jackets are great for keeping dry without taking up too much space in your suitcase! And don’t forget sunscreen! Although Puerto Rico doesn’t get as hot as other Caribbean destinations due its location further north; sun exposure still poses health risks so make sure you bring sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when visiting any sunny destination.

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How safe is San Juan?

Despite being a safe destination overall, it is important to keep security in mind when visiting this Caribbean destination.

Travelers should avoid walking alone at night and pay attention to any areas that are not well-lit or heavily populated.

Staying alert in public spaces can prevent potential theft; fortunately, the number of crimes reported in San Juan have decreased by a significant amount in recent years.

The police presence throughout the city also serves as a deterrent for potential crime, helping ensure travelers enjoy a safe and stress-free visit to San Juan.


All in all, hurricane season (June-November) is the worst time to visit San Juan.

With that being said, as thoughtful and prepared travelers, it’s possible to avoid the hurricane season and enjoy a full itinerary of sights and activities planned in this beautiful Puerto Rican city.

Nevertheless, travelers should pay special attention when planning their trips and consider avoiding hurricane season at all costs in order to fully relax and enjoy their wonderful experience without the imminent threat of a hurricane lingering over them.

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