What is the worst time to visit Wayanad?

Wayanad is a beautiful district in Kerala, India, known for its lush green landscapes and spectacular views.

The worst time to visit Wayanad would be during the monsoon season, which typically runs from June to September. The heavy rains can cause flooding and landslides, making travel difficult and dangerous.

In addition, many of the area’s attractions are closed during the monsoon season, so visitors would miss out on some of the best parts of Wayanad. For those looking to avoid the crowds, the best time to visit would be during the shoulder seasons of April-May and October-November. During these months, the weather is still pleasant but there are fewer tourists.

However, visitors should be aware that some hotels and restaurants may be closed during these months as well.

Why Monsoon Season is the worst time to visit Wayanad?

Monsoon season is one of the worst times to visit Wayanad. The rains bring with them a host of problems, from leeches and mosquitoes to dangerous roads and power outages. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should avoid Wayanad during monsoon season.

Leeches and Mosquitoes

One of the most annoying—and potentially dangerous—aspects of monsoon season in Wayanad are the leeches and mosquitoes. Leeches are small, bloodsucking creatures that can attach themselves to your skin and drink your blood. They are most commonly found in humid, wet environments like forests, which unfortunately makes them quite common in Wayanad during monsoon season. In addition to being gross, leeches can also transmit diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

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Mosquitoes are another monsoon season menace in Wayanad. These pesky insects are not only a nuisance, but they can also transmit diseases like chikungunya, Zika virus, and dengue fever. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so during monsoon season, when there is often waterlogging, they are especially prevalent. To avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, be sure to wear long sleeves and pants when you venture outside, use mosquito repellent, and stay in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible.

Dangerous Roads

Another hazard of monsoon season is the condition of the roads. Heavy rains can cause flooding and landslides, which can make roads impassable. Even if the roads are still open, they may be slippery and dangerous. If you must travel during monsoon season, be sure to allow extra time for your journey as you may encounter delays due to flooding or landslides. And take care when driving—slow down and exercise caution at all times.

Power Outages

Power outages are common during monsoon season in India, and Wayanad is no exception. If there is a power outage, it may last for several hours or even days. This can be extremely inconvenient—and even dangerous if you rely on medical equipment that needs electricity to operate. If you are planning to visit Wayanad during monsoon season, be sure to bring along a flashlight or lantern so you can see in the dark if there is a power outage. And charge your electronic devices before you go so you can still use them even if there is no electricity.

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5 Precautions to take when visiting Wayanad in the Monsoon Season

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling to Wayanad during this time of year. Here are 5 precautions to take when visiting Wayanad during the monsoon season:

1. Avoid hiking or trekking during the monsoon season as the trails will be slippery and dangerous.

2. If you must travel on unpaved roads, be sure to drive slowly and carefully as the roads will be wet and slippery.

3. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and be on the lookout for potential landslides.

4. Do not attempt to cross rivers or streams that are swollen from the rains. Wait until the water level has lowered before attempting to cross.

5. Stay indoors as much as possible during heavy rains and only venture out if it is absolutely necessary.

By following these 5 simple precautions, you can ensure that your visit to Wayanad during monsoon season is safe and enjoyable. Be sure to take extra care when traveling during this time of year and you’ll be sure to have a great trip!


Monsoon season is typically the worst time to visit Wayanad. The rains can cause travel disruptions and make outdoor activities difficult.

In addition, the Monsoon season is also the peak season for malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. If you do decide to travel to Wayanad during the Monsoon season, be sure to take precautions against mosquitoes and other insects.

Stay indoors as much as possible, and use mosquito nets and repellents. Stay hydrated and drink only boiled or bottled water. And finally, be sure to see a doctor if you start to feel ill.

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With a little bit of preparation, you can still enjoy your trip even during the Monsoon season.

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